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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by The OC Josh, Mar 1, 2012.

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    I am interning with a 3 letter agency in DC this summer. I had a couple questions
    1)Any good places to rent rooms?
    2)What should I do?

    The second one is broad on purpose.

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    Stay out of the general DC area, look toward the suburbs of Alexandria VA, it can be a bit pricey the closer you are to DC. You can also look north to Maryland, Bethesda is a good start. Try and find something that is close to the transit system, they have a great one there.

    Since your going to be there for just the summer you should have no trouble seeing all the main sites. Contact your MOC or Senator and request passes to the capital and other Gov. agencies. You can request tickets for the White House tours but do that quickly, there are only a limited number available, being an intern for a Gov. Agency may help, you can also ask them for tickets.

    There is plenty to see in DC and the surrounding area to keep you busy. From your posts I assume you are not 21 yet, if you are then Georgetown is a must.

    DC is a great place to visit, the Smithsonians are great and will take soe time to get through them all. The Holocaust Museum is a must see. Get a good guide book of DC and it will keep you very busy.

    One word of warning, stay in the general Mall area, especially at night. Even though it is our nation's capital, there are places you do not want to get stuck in. I'm sure people at the agency you are interning at will fill you in on the do's and don'ts.

    Have a great time, One other thing, make sure you take a sack lunch and eat on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, it's a great view.

    Have fun, what a great opportunity.

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