Summer jobs @ military bases?


Nov 11, 2017
hi all,

I don’t have plans this upcoming summer, and was thinking about taking a trip overseas for work. I thought a military base - probably navy or Air Force due to great base locations (but open to any branch!) would be great. I would be happy to do retail or work in food service for the summer, if it would be a chance to live overseas for 3 months. Do people do this? I know that a lot of job postings for this sort of thing say that they are for local people, but I would be happy to move nearby ... does this count? I have a ton of food service experience.

1. Does this ever happen, do navy or af bases hire just for the summer?

2. Is housing available for these sorts of jobs - (for example, extra barracks/apartments) or are there cheap housing off base?

3. When should I apply?

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I believe the Edelweiss Armed Forces Recreation Center in Garmisch Germany does this.
Thanks, I will look into it! However, I am specifically looking at bases in the pacific, so japan or Korea would be awesome.

The Dragon Hill Lodge is the Armed Forces Recreation Center in South Korea. Not sure if they have a guest worker program for Americans, most of these type regulations would probably fall under the Status of Forces Agreement with the host nation.