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    Hello! I'm not sure where to ask this, so I decided to make a thread asking a couple of questions regarding West Point's SLS.

    The application window for SLS opens January 10th (Next week). But, I feel my PSAT are not any good at all (Only about 1600 when translated into SAT scores). This is the only score that I can possibly turn in when I apply for SLS, and I want to apply as soon as possible.

    I am planning on taking the SAT in early March and the ACT a month or so after that. Should I go ahead and apply for SLS even with my bad PSAT score?

    I feel that it'd be too late to apply for SLS by the time I receive my scores from the SAT.



    *EDIT* Just thought of another thing I was curious about. I am running for student government for next semester of my junior year. We don't find out who makes the positions until a week after the SLS application window opens. Should I start the application but wait until I hear about the position?
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