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    Question...How does summer school work at the academy. Can a cadet use it to take a class to make the load better for the next term? Can a cadet use it to re-take a failed class? If taken for a failed or sub-standard grade will it replace the poor grade in the GPA going forward?
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    Some people are basically recommended/required to take summer classes (athletes on a 4-5-1 schedule or people who fail classes), and then there are a limited number of slots for cadets who want to apply for summer classes to get ahead in school or get a difficult class out of the way (thinking of firsties in my squad who took Aero over the summer.) These are harder to get, but you'll just apply for them like other summer programs.

    For freshmen- If you're assigned academics during the summer, you'll take your class in lieu of airnmanship. If you want to do airmanship and school over the first summer, you have to give up your leave because of the ESET requirement. If you choose to take a class, normally you give up leave as well.

    I honestly don't know how grade replacement works.
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    I took Chem 200 during the summer after freshman year not because I failed it but because I wanted to get ahead. It was three weeks of six hour days of my worst subject. I simply asked my academic adviser and told him that I wanted to lighten my load senior year and give myself some cushion if I were to not do so well in later classes. (Academics weren't my forte) However, someone who failed Chem 200 during the academic year will have priority. I would venture to say that the grading is a wee bit more lenient for summer courses. Btw, I took it in place of CST since CST wasn't a grad requirement.

    So yes, yes, and yes.

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