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    I am currently a sophomore in HS and i would like to know if I am on the right track. I also go to a 2A small private catholic school. they do not offer AP or Honors classes, will this hurt me at all?

    classes took 9th grade year, I ended with a 4.0

    * Algebra 2
    * Geometry
    * Spanish 1
    * Earth science
    * P.E/ health
    * English 1
    * Computers
    * Religion

    Classes taking 10th grade year, ended with 4.0 for first semester

    * Advanced Math, basically advanced algebra and trigonometry and pre- calculus
    * Spanish 2
    * Biology
    * Drafting 1
    * Weight lifting and running, yes it is a class
    * Religion
    * World History
    * English 2

    I would be taking AP and honors courses but like I said my school doesn't offer them. I will be taking Calculus next year, and most likely chemistry and physics.

    Leadership, community service, and athletics

    * Sophomore class rep. for Junior Civitan Club
    * Sophomore class rep. for CYO(Catholic Youth Organization)
    * On the Science Olympiad Team
    * Team captain of quiz bowl team
    * 2 year letter winner in football, started as a freshman
    * 2 year letter winner in track, lettered last year and I expect to letter this year
    * Lettered in academics
    * Lettered in service, over 150 hours and counting this year, 200 counting freshman year
    * member of big brother mentoring program for under privileged kids
    * Member or jazz band
    * Top of my class
    * ACT 25, I took it last year will take it again this year
    * PSAT 180, took it this year will take it again this year

    Can you compare this to your resumes. What do I need to improve and do you have and ideas? Do i look competitive for summer seminar?

    Thanks again,

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    I like the enthusiasm, but come back next year!!!! Summer Seminar is for JUNIORS

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    Good start

    There are others on this board with more experience, but from my point of view, your statistics are very good, but get your ACT score over 30. My son took an SAT class through Kaplan (pricey,but you can sometimes get in for half price....or offer to sign up several classmates and see if they'll offer a deal rate.) Personally, I think someone can really jack up their SAT and ACT scores by practice, practice, practice....and then practice again. You'd be surprised how many questions repeat over the years, so if you've answered a gazillion practice questions, you're likely to see a few of the same ones on your test and count those as gimmee's. Good luck and welcome to the board.

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