Summer Seminar Decision


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Aug 26, 2018
I applied to all three summer programs (Army, Navy, Air Force) and have recently been accepted in to the Air Force Summer Seminar program and the Army’s Summer Leadership Experience. I am not very interested in the Army, so I will be declining their offer. I’m not sure on Air Force. My dream is to attend USNA and their Summer Seminar is my top choice.

The Air Force would like me to accept or deny by March sixth. I can only attend one summer program.

My question is, do I accept the Air Force and try something new? Or do I deny Air Force and gamble for the Naval Summer Seminar?
Also, if you have attended any of the summer programs, what was your experience like?
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My DS had an amazing experience at NASS. He did not attend either other summer programs.
Any summer program is amazing! I attended AIM and got rejected from NASS and SLE. It was an awesome experience, and I heard a lot of stories about other summer seminars too.

If you are stuck in a hole thinking that these summer programs can help you get into the academies easier, then stop right now. These summer programs are made to motivate more students and weed out the ones who are not fully interested in service academies. Remember, you are applying to prestigious military academies and only a handful are selected to get into these schools. Good luck on your future endeavors!
A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. In other words, accept the one you have — it’s guaranteed. If USNA accepts you also, then you can make a choice. Try to go to both, if that becomes an option, because USAFA may surprise you. At worst, if you only attend USAFA, at least you’ll have some idea of SA life, even if it’s not your first choice.
What do you know about USNA as opposed to USAFA and the career opportunities with each service? My grandson applied only to Navy's summer session as USNA was his primary interest. He attended, very much enjoyed the experience and thought it cemented his desire to attend.

Subsequently, he visited USAF--twice--after receiving appointments to both. He was very torn, accepting his USAF appointment only days before the final date. I've asked him several times if he has any regrets on declining his USNA appointment. On each occasion, he replied that he is in the right place with no second thoughts. He never applied to West Point, though I wish he had and that he had visited it as well.

One never knows. If you know more about USNA or perhaps live closer to it, then I would attend the USAFA summer program. The summer programs are really about out-reach. I wouldn't rule out USMA. The more you know about each academy and branch of service, the more informed will be your decision should you be blessed with multiple appointments.
I applied to USNA Summer Seminar in early January and haven't heard back yet. Should I be concerned or worried about not being accepted/ When should I hear back?
Applications close the end of March. It’s not surprising that you haven’t heard yet.