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Discussion in 'Naval Academy - USNA' started by napxc16, Feb 4, 2012.

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    I am a Junior, class of 2013. I have already applied for Summer Seminar. I understand that that is the preliminary application. If/when I get in, I also understand that you can become an official candidate to apply at USNA depending on how qualified the selection committee sees you to be. I live in Annapolis, Maryland and know that my chances of getting into the Summer Seminar will be much harder since I live in the area, but I am technically being a "recruited athlete". Not sure how much this will affect the process, but if I do not get in solely because of the fact that I live in Annapolis, is it still possible for me to become an official candidate to apply to the Academy? Also, when does the online application come out to actually apply to USNA? Any help would be great. Thanks.
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    I believe that simply applying to summer seminar starts your official USNA application. In any case you can apply online at the USNA web site later this spring.
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    Your NASS application serves two purposes: (1) it is the official application for Summer Seminar and (2) is your preliminary application for the actual Admissions process. If you submitted an NASS application, DO NOT submit a preliminary application.

    Essentially, anyone who gets invited to NASS will be designated an official candidate. Those who are not selected for NASS, are automatically evaluated (normally on your SAT/ACT scores and other self reporting academic statistics) to determine if they will receive an application. So if your stats are decent, you should be designated an official candidate. At the same time, those applicants who do not have the stats to be designated an official candidate should receive correspondence from USNA regarding that decision.

    Typically, the online application process opens in late May or early June.
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    DS was rejected from NASS, but received an appointment.
    Here is the time line for last year

    2/28/11 DS submitted NASS application (appliation opened on 02/01/11)
    04/19/11 Received a rejection letter for NASS, but the letter encouraged to continue application for USNA
    05/20/11 Received an official candidate#
    08/15/11 DS completed his application (it was the great idea from this forum that he had teachers' e-mail adddresses that they check everyday during the summer break)
    09/28/11 USNA reviewed DS's file and LOA was given

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