Summer Seminar Problem??


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Feb 2, 2008
Before I broke my ankle, I applied to the USAFA SS. Today, I recieved my Acceptance Package. The problem is that I will not be able to run for the seminar. I will be able to walk without any difficulty. Though I think I already know the answer, my question is will they let me sit out for the running parts and let me do all of the other physical stuff? I know this is an opportunity of a lifetime and I really want to go. If anyone has any input or ideas, please respond! :smile:

P.S - I am going to the orthopaedist on Tuesday so I will talk to him about it.
It will sure put a dampener in your time, especially "Doolie for a day", but I think (help me out here!) you should be able to go. When I was there last year, there were some people who were hurt and couldn't run either. They just did what they could.
My son and his friend went summer 06. Friend had ACL replacement surgery in May and walk with a brace. He went and just didn't do any of the physical, cfa, and few others. They knew he just had the surgery.
That's great to hear!!!:biggrin: I will just have had two screws taken out of my ankle in May and I will be able to walk but no running until September:mad: Should i just call admissions and ask?
I would call them, but try to find out the cadet that will be in charge of all the physical fitness. That's what I did. I then emailed her with my injuries and told her what I could to and not do. She was very nice and understanding with all of it. When you do morning PT, you will be working out in the "injured section." Doolie for a Day will be a bit difficult (you run everywhere!) ...but if you have a big sign on that says "I can't run" you should be fine!:shake: You will also want to let your element cadre know, and probaly everybody else in your element. Then you can come up with a game plan for all the different events. For me, I tore both hamstrings a month before going. I had just gotten back to walking at a normal pace when I went. When we did afternoon athletics, I was just used as a decoy when playing ultimate frisbee and such. I couldn't run or anything, just make sure someone was guarding me and not give an unfair advantage to the other element. It wasn't too bad. I felt really bad during parts of it because I couldn't help them with it, but they all understood.
Thank you so much for sharing!!:biggrin::biggrin:I will definitely call admissions and try to get in touch with the cadet in charge of the physical aspect!:wink: Now that it looks like I can probably go, does anyone have any suggestions on which seminars to take? Also, any stories, input on SS? Thanks for all of the posts!!!!:biggrin:
For the workshops, take things that sound interesting for you. Since I want to be a pilot, I took more aviation directed workshops: aircraft part design, airmanship, and Air Force aviation. I also REALLY liked Bombs on Target. For my last two, I took writing and speaking (I hate English, but it was still cool!) and officership. I also heard the glider design workshop was really fun and totally worth taking up the 2 days. As for stories, I think it would be best to not hear any... just go and have fun! I don't want to spoil anything for you!:wink:
I just received an email from the admissions office and they said I can't go with the ankle injury. :thumbdown: It's okay though, It actually makes my life a lot less complicated. Plus, everything happens for a reason. :thumb: i hope that everyone who is going has a fun time . . . Hopeefully someone who wanted to go more than I did will get my slot:biggrin:
Good Luck to everyone . . . maybe I'll see you next year at Basic Training:smile: