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Discussion in 'Air Force Academy - USAFA' started by AFA-Hopeful, Dec 5, 2009.

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    What are the general requirements for acceptance into the Air Force/Naval Academy Summer Seminars. (grades, SAT's, etc.)
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    Well, they're probably very similar to those to be accepted to the academies with a couple of big caveats:

    1. The purpose of summer seminar is to "sell" the academies to you. As a result, they're looking very hard at underrepresented areas. So you may be a top candidate, but if you live 20 minutes from an academy, you may not get accepted to their SS. Similarly, if you're an average candidate from an area where they don't have much represenation, you're probably very likely to get in.

    2. They take your word on everything. Whatever you put on your application is what they go by - listed ACT scores, grades, extracurriculars - they believe you. However...keep in mind that this "pre-candidate questionnaire" kind of rolls over into your actual application, so if you put anything obviously wrong down, that would probably reflect far more negatively on you than just having the correct information in the first place.

    There was a huge difference between the AF and the Navy/WP applications last year. Both Army and Navy's were simple online forms/checklists where everything was like "Varsity sport yes/no" and you clicked the right bubble. Very little room to add any comments (I think 2000 characters after each large section) so it was more obvious they were looking for GPA, ACT, and just if you'd done certain things. AF asked some of the same score questions but then just allowed you to attach a resume (had to be certain categories, but you could list as much as you wanted). Also took them much longer to get out replies. My son applied for AF SS on Dec. 1, and heard Mid January (which seemed to be the earliest anyone heard). He applied for WP's SLS on Dec 16 and got his acceptance letter dated the 17th!

    For more specific information, you can go to any of the academy websites and look at a recent class profile. They won't expect quite as high of ACT/SAT scores, and will even take just the PSAT, but everything else should be similar. But just keep in mind the geographical thing because it seems to make a big difference.

    Good luck! My son recently said the three summer seminars were the best three weeks of his life so far!

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