Summer Seminar USAFA question


May 26, 2016
Just dropping off my DD tomorrow @ the Academy for SS session B.
Question for the parents who drive all the way there (and flight like me), is any chance to visit the Academy?, is any welcome activity or information for us parents?, or we just have to drop them off and leave. If hope not, because I flight and drive from far away to drop her off but also to have some information about the Academy.
DS went 2 years ago. After we dropped him off, they took us on a tour we got to see the dorms and they answered a lot of questions. Are you staying for the Thursday night dinner?
We were given an in-depth "parent/family" tour that lasted a couple hours. It was organized where the summer seminar students are registered and went in groups of 20-30. The parent tours were led by rising C1C's (seniors).

Make sure you opt to attend the Thursday night dinner and briefing. It was well worth it!
Thank you for both replies, I didn't do the Thursday night dinner, we arrive in Colorado Friday night , will drop off DD today and flight back home.
The Thursday night dinner and briefing is the Thursday at the end of your DDs week, so this Thursday. It is great if you can attend it.
UPDATE, from my post, just back home DD is the AF Academy in the SS,when you drop off your DD/DS they have a tour for parents very interesting and take you around the Academy even you can look the dorms.
What an stunning campus, wow!!