Summer STEM

Feb 25, 2019
My DS received his acceptance this morning!

It is my pleasure to inform you are one of a select few that has been selected for the 2019 Naval Academy Summer STEM Program! Summer STEM is an incredible opportunity that you are about to embark upon at the US Naval Academy! This program will allow you to explore, create, build, and expand your critical thinking and collaboration skills all while experiencing world class facilities at one of the country’s top Engineering programs. In addition, you are afforded the opportunity to become familiar with the exceptional Naval Academy education provided to Midshipmen and will be able to interact with other students interested in STEM fields.

You can expect to meet students from across the United States and overseas, along with a cadre of midshipmen who will serve as mentors and co-instructors with our faculty. Last year we received close to 5000 applications, and were able to invite 280 students per session. This will be our 9th year of Summer STEM, and we are thrilled that you’ll be one of us!

Please see the detailed information below...but in the meantime, welcome aboard! We look forward to seeing you! “