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    During a Cadets two Summer training blocks. What types of training is available for the Cadet. At West Point they can attend Ranger training, Jump school, lots of different options.
    I know the Coast Guard also offers training. Just trying to get a good idea of what is offered
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    There are four summers of training. The first is Swab Summer. The second summer, most cadets will send the first 5/6 weeks of their summer at an active small boat station or cutter and the other half of the summer on the Cutter Eagle. During this summer (3/c Summer), cadets fill the role of a junior enlisted crewmember. The third summer is Cadre Summer. It will roughly consist of three weeks as a Cadre (Either Swab Summer, AIM, CGAS, Eagle, or Waterfront), one week of 100th week, one "prep week," one week of ROTR, one week of Training Boats, one week on the range, one week at Cadet Aviation Training Program, and one to two weeks of Coastal Sail. I may be missing something but that is the gist of it. The final summer, each Cadet will spend either 11 weeks at a cutter filling the role of a Junior Officer or 5/6 weeks at a cutter and the remainder of the summer at an internship of some kind. Internships may be within the Coast Guard or outside of it. Possible examples include a USCG Air Station for those interested in Aviation, working on Capitol Hill for Government majors, working at a Coast Guard Yard or private shipyard for a NAME major, so on and so forth. Each summer, save Swab Summer, will total eleven weeks of work and three weeks of leave.
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