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    I have read that Academy summers are divided into 3 phases of 3 weeks each, and that out of this cadets only get 3 weeks of leave, spending the other two summer periods in various training programs.

    1. Can anyone tell me specifically what programs are available for cadets to choose(?) from? I know for West Point there is a web page with a complete list + course descriptions, so I was wondering if there were a similar AFA page.
    3. I would especially like to know if the Academy has international travel or language immersion programs.
    2. Can a cadet choose to forgo summer leave in order to make time for additional summer courses?
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    1. Depends what year you are.

    3* summer you will have an airmanship block (jump, soaring, cyber, uas...), the new survival training program, and leave.
    2* summer you will have ops air force (go to a AF base to learn what the "real" Air Force is like), a leadership block - working cadre for BCT, survival, summer seminar, sports camp, airmanship or other, and leave
    Firstie summer you can either get a powered flight slot, work a cadre program or two, do summer research or travel, and leave.

    3. Yes. A big immersion program is CSLIP - available mostly to rising firsties and some 2*s. In the past it was six weeks, so you would give up your leave and one of your training blocks. This year, it looks like CSLIP may be cut two three weeks due to budget constraints. I got a spanish spot, for this summer and we're still waiting to find out where we'll be going and for how long. Worst case scenario for me is that CSLIP is only three weeks and I get a summer leave period. There are also a limited number of Olmsted cultural travel programs.

    2. Yes. You can always give up your leave to take an a summer academic class or work an extra summer program. Some things like CSLIP or CSRP (summer research) will likely require you to give up most or all of your leave.
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    CSLIP was 3 weeks last summer.

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