Summer Travel after plebe year

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    Hello! I just have a question regarding the summer after plebe year. I am curious as to if you have any options for military related schools like air borne or study abroad, etc. during this time or are you just released mid may to return mid july? The reason I ask this is I was planning to go on a summer tour to Europe or something along those line for 2 weeks or so during this summer. I decided against doing it this summer as I wanted to be here just in case something came up and really wanted to focus on keeping my fitness up.Any information on this topic is appreciated. Thanks!
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    Your summer will have, at the least Buckner. You'll probably also get assigned military school or academic internship. It really all depends and there's no "standard summer" that everyone has. So it's likely you won't know for sure what the details of your summer will be like until around April of next year.

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