SUNY Maritime Does It Again

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    PayScale has again ranked schools relating to their idea of the return on investment (ROI). There are a lot of reasons to different schools and no one school is right for everyone. When we did the open house at SUNY Maritime in July the faculty discouraged prospective students from applying just because of the ROI. Their advice is sound, but, that said, the accomplishments and income of their graduates is impressive.

    Rank: 14 (tie)
    Mid-career salary: $116,000
    Starting salary: $59,400
    % of grads who think their job is meaningful: 60%

    The only state university in PayScale's top 15, Bronx-based SUNY Maritime prepares its students for highly-paid careers in the international maritime industry. Programs include naval engineering, international business and transportation management and graduates can also qualify for a license as a mate or engineer for the Merchant Marine.

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