Superbowl Sunday


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Jun 9, 2006
I'm taking an informal poll....who are you rooting for?

For me it is the Steelers!
I always liked the Steelers... but I do have to go for the team that never had it before... so I will be cheering on the Cardinals. :thumb:
So how many home runs does one team have to hit before they win the Stanley Cup?

Do they play doubles?

Oh hear the rush of wind generated by my Terrible Towel.
The Cardinals...

only because I have never liked the Steelers....

My uncle likes the Steelers and always gives me crap. Plus, Kurt Warner... enough said.
So how many home runs does one team have to hit before they win the Stanley Cup?

Do they play doubles?


HA! Love it.

Until they make water polo the national sport, I only watch for the commercials. What's with all the time outs, separate offensive and defensive teams, pads and helmets?

.....bowing out before the onslaught of boos and hisses :shake:
Tally so far:
Steelers = 5
Cardinals = 3
clueless :confused: = 2
Arizona Cardinals by a touchdown. Larry Fitzgerald MVP. Whisenhunt, Coach of the Year.

For you more mature Steeler fans, true story:
In high school I sat next to the nicest girl in English class and we got to be good friends. One day the subject of football came up (yeah, yeah, girls talking sports) and she mentioned her uncle played in the NFL, of course I asked who? and she smiled and said "you may have heard of him; Franco Harris?" :smile: Class act.

But I'm still sticking with Arizona.

Here we go Steelers, here we go....

Got the terrible towels out, school's on a 2 hour delay for monday morning so the kids can sleep in.... Pittsburgh's going to the Superbowl!!!:beer1::groupwave:
Steelers at our house! Hubby got a "fathead" of Jack Lambert for his office for Christmas!
Super Bowl Party time…….We have Three flavors of Buffalo Wild Wings boneless wings, A STEELERS Cookie, A STEELERS Ice cream cake, Cheese fries, Mac and Cheese, Sweet Italian Sausages, Chili, veggie trays, fruit tray….yep I Think I am ready…..oh, and we have Rolling Rock:thumb: and Yuengling:thumb: on tap! :shake: :thumb:

So do I need to ask- "who ya rooting for"? I'm pretty confident the out come of the game won't be the cause of any heartburn for you, but all that stuff being washed down with a few Rolling Rocks could be problematic!
Halftime- WHAT A RUNBACK!!!!!!!!!