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    Alright, so I don't really know what all of Swab Summer entails, and how it's broken up. I'm very familiar with the Air Force Academy's BCT program and how it is broken up into two sections, BCT 1 and BCT 2. Is this somewhat similar at the Coast Guard Academy? Can anyone share what they know about SS?
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    There are two "makes." First make is 3 weeks. Second make is 4 weeks, although one of those weeks is aboard Eagle.
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    4 weeks training for ABCD, 1 week on Eagle, 2 more weeks of training.
    5 weeks training for EFGH, 1 week on Eagle, 1 more week of training.

    This year, half the swabs go to Eagle - only 2 sessions instead of 3. The swabs that don't go to Eagle will participate at the Mystic Flag Ceremony the same day the others head for Eagle.

    At Mystic, they will finally have friendly human contact, they will have liberty for a few hours, and they can leave the academy, shop, dine, sleep, or visit with family & friends - then rush back before 1800.

    If they go to Eagle first, they will get their phones back for the bus ride and can make calls to family, get words of encouragement, or even get a few hours of liberty at the port before they set sail.

    The last day is called Sea Trials, all day long - a lot of mental and physical tasks.

    If they make it those 7 weeks, they will get their 4/C shoulder boards the next day accepting them into the Corps of Cadets. Then the hard part starts (the rest of the cadets return and the academic year starts).

    I've heard (nothing official, just loose talk) the dropout rate this year is high, which is troubling considering they started with a much smaller class size this year.

    If past grad rate statistics are applied, 2017 may see a graduating class of less than 200, been a long time since that's happened.
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    Well, CGHQ has only wanted 185-200 graduates for the last five years, and you're correct we've been graduating 225-235 (except Class of 2010 was 198), so getting down to that range was part of the reason to only bring in a class of 235.

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