Swearing in on June 27th


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Apr 2, 2008
Hey guys,

I have a few questions about the swearing in ceremony on June 27th. My parents are driving me to Colorado so they can witness it and my Grandma is flying in to see it. However, in spite of how hard I look, I can't find any information on when it is. It's important for her to know because she's trying to schedule her flights and she's not sure if she'll have to stay an extra night on the 27th or not. I want to say that I remember hearing that it was fairly early in the day, still I can't seem to find the time anywhere (even though I'm sure it's out there somewhere). So I figured I would ask the trustworthy people of this forum if they had any information about the schedule of things. Any insight?
i read somewhere that we swear in either the 26 or 27 but the public swearing in is given by the commandant (or some other high up) on june 29...i'm still not sure if we swear in twice...
I believe it's at 8 in the morning on the 27th. That time rings a bell, but I might be wrong.