Sweet Briar College to close

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by bruno, Mar 4, 2015.

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    To VMI Alums of my age or older- this will be sad news that will bring back lots of fond memories of hops, Saturday nights and for a few - "running the block". I guess that it is definitelyu an indicator that the educational landscape has changed a lot in the last generation. Too bad though- Sweet Briar was kind of a vestige of a more genteel Virginia.
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    For younger alums as well, Bruno. I have many fond memories of the place. They and some of the other women's colleges used to host "mixers" on weekends, and I spent a fair bit of my Second and First Class years hanging out there with a few of my BRs. It's a beautiful campus and the girls were, by and large, very smart and focused young women who loved their school. Sad news.

    Never ran the block, though. :)

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