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    How good of a swimmer should incoming plebes strive to be before plebe summer?

    What sort of swimming tests will be administered over plebe summer?

    Also for threading water, is there an exact form or just stay afloat and kicking?
    head above water at all times?

    I know how to swim but not at the level of a competitive HS swimmer.
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    This is kinda difficult for me to respond to, given that my experience goes back 50+ years, but it helps to have a at least a basic experience with swimming. How to float, flutter kick, what we used to call the crawl, etc; NAVY will take it from there including drownproofing. Used to bug us that swimming usually was the period after lunch - kept hearing mom's voice telling us not to go in the water for at least an hour after eating - don't recall anyone drowning, getting cramps, or barfing in the pool, though.

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