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    I am a current 2/C Midshipman and I hope to eventually transition into Navy intel from surface warfare. I interned with a three letter agency this past summer where I was given great exposure to the Intelligence Community and an interim TS/SCI that was never finally adjudicated. Beyond the usual selection criteria (like GPA, ranking, PFA , etc) does anyone know if having intelligence experience and a TS/SCI with a polygraph clearance will make me more competitive for SWO-Intel option selection? If that is the case, I would try to push for my agency to make the adjudication (the last I was told was that the SSBI was complete) but if not, I would rather not make a nuisance of myself. Thanks in advance for the help!

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    Good for you that you have that exposure as a midshipman.

    You have already identified what to do as a midshipman to get the SWO-Intel option. WRT clearance, the fact you are essentially clearable to appropriate levels is all you need. The advice below is if you don't get that option and still have a hankering for it.

    Once commissioned, the key to successful transition to other officer communities is being the hot-running, top-performing SWO dog ensign on your ship. Get your quals done, learn your roles, lead your division, have impeccable military bearing, max the PT test - shine. Learn as much as you can about the other community as you can but don't lose sight of being a SWO first. Then you have maximum leverage with getting the all-important "would be a strong candidate for X community" recommendation from your reporting senior on fitness reports and the CO's resounding endorsement on your community redesignation package.

    Clearances cost money to complete. They cleared you enough for what you were allowed to see during your ABC agency time. In general, officers are clearable to that level and beyond IF a job requires it. You will get the clearances you need as you report to various schools and ships. IMPO, not a factor in selection down the road into another community. Maintaining CLEARABILITY is the appropriate goal here. Recommendation: don't push for finishing the clearance. The Navy doesn't need you to have it right now. DONCAF is backed up as it is.
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