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    I've been taking USNA1985's advise and writing everyday. Easier than I thought and fun.

    Thank God we had the phone call Sunday before the letters arrived from when she was sick, because they were hard to read as a Mom. Her detailer cut her no slack while sick (within reason of course) She was quarentined (naturally) and when he would go to check on her he yelled to wake her up and threw crackers at her and told her she should have gone to school somewhere else, etc. So here's what I wrote her back about this:

    "I’m still cracking up over your description of your detailer being on his “man period 24/7.” In your letter you shared about his behavior while you were sick. While this makes me want to turn into a grizzly mamma bear and go completely ape-**** on him, I do know he is doing his job. Remember he is being graded, judged, etc. on how he produces your Company. As an example his concern over the rifle formation - He doesn’t want his Company to be the one that is bad. The tactic of yelling at you and telling you should have gone to another college, etc. is just like I shared in my previous letter – he is breaking you emotionally. And the reality of life is there are always going to those people that take advantage of people when they are down. He may be on his man period, but he doing you some favors and teaching you some life lessons. Trust me, he wants nothing more than you to raise above all this hell and kick ***. So go do it!
    So in honor of “Going through hell” I have these lyrics for you: (Serving as the quote and joke of the day)
    "If You're Going Through Hell"

    and then I copied the lyrics the this song.

    I also told her about the parents that posted that their sons asked them to pray for her - talking about geting choked up! When I posted that she was much better we got a lot of encouragement. Great group of kids and parents.

    I got an email through her detailer - you know the one she thinks hates her - asking for the toll receipt from when we drove through Penn turnpike. I told the detailer to not worry about it 'cause I had no clue where it was and it was only $10.20.

    Another interesting thing, our son who is 12 has never sent a snail mail letter and asked us how to write his sister. He is so sweet and said, "We all gotta write her and remind her how awesome she is." Yeah, this is one hell-of-a-rollercoaster ride.
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    Cajost -- BZ (Bravo Zulu/congrats) to you! :thumb:

    I can't tell you how much your DD will appreciate it. Maybe once she rates email, you can switch to that vs. snail mail. But in the meantime . . . you will make her day! Trust me on this.

    Please do stick with it (email or snail) after PS. Ac Year is actually the hardest time. If she is like most mids, academics will be harder than she expected. The plebe "stuff" continues. It all gets better but, even on the best days, a note from home is so welcoming.

    The best things to write are literally what is going on in your family's life, what the pet(s) did, what the neighbors are doing, what's happening in your town (i.e., store closed, new mayor), etc. You are right to be upbeat -- try to stay positive and encouraging but not saccharine!

    Only a few more weeks until PPW!
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    Way to go, cajost! :thumb:
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    If there were a mama fist bump emoticon on this thing I would use it. It reminds me of when they were learning to walk and a crash and burn would occur. A loud "oh oh!" and they were fine with a check first at mom.

    Keep it up mama bear.
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    I loved your advice to your plebe...what wisdom. As a mom...I can see that it would be hard not be a "mamma bear". Your posts have been educational (on this and other threads)...thank you.

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