Targets for AFROTC Fitness Test?

Discussion in 'ROTC' started by areed, Oct 9, 2010.

  1. areed

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    Jun 12, 2010
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    Wondering if there are averages or targets that I should be aiming for on the fitness test? Are there max values?
  2. nick4060

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    Jan 20, 2008
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    Whatever gets you over a 90 overall score. Anything less than that and you'll be considered in need of improvement. I'm pretty sure the scoresheets are posted online.
  3. Pima

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    Nov 28, 2007
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    Are you talking PFT or PFA?

    I would have thought by now you have done your PFT because our DS told us his scores a couple of weeks ago.

    I would try to max your PFT in the level that nick stated because depending on your det, they may give you the option that you scored high enough you don't have to do mandatory PT with the det. DS fall freshman didn't do mandatory PT. He also maxed for spring semester, so the det job they gave him as a sophomore was to be a PT leader for freshman.

    The point is the PFT can also highlight you among the larger dets and get you to a leadership position early on. Instead of being 1 of 60 cadets, the command knows you because as a a cadet you are in charge of something.

    Everything you do in ROTC should be seen as a stepping stone, or a resume builder for when you apply for FT or meeting your AFSC board. You need to understand that you must balance school and ROTC at equal levels. Work on only your gpa and nothing ROTC, than your packet for the AFSC will be weak. Pay your attention only to the ROTC side and not your academic side, than your going to take a hit for lower grades.

    In today's AFROTC to get your dream career you need to be consistently high for both aspects.

    Now if you are talking the PFA for a scholarship.

    Here's the jig to that, make sure you do them properly, too many kids get great scores on the PFA, but get to PFT and their arses handed to them for doing it improperly.

    The jag to that jig is don't quit once you submit those scores because once you get to the det., they will administer the PFT. Not only that, but there will be cadets like our DS who will force you to do it the AF way. Again it can depend on the det. I am betting Nick's is 10 times harder than our DS, and I already know that DS's PT sessions are pretty intense. I saw him only yesterday and I stopped listening after he said they run 3-3 1/2 miles, then follow it up with butterfly kicks, side something or others, etc, etc etc. Like I said I am betting Nick's is worse than that, but flip side I am betting everybody passes with high marks.

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