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Dec 26, 2008
I seem to recall this discussion, but can find no record of it.
What is the NROTC policy on tattoos? If they are located on biceps and/or shoulder.

From the ROTC orientation a few weeks ago---don't know which program you are talking about. In the Corps of Cadets program, at most universities, a student is forbidden from getting ANY tatoos while they are a cadet. Again, not sure about all of them. As far as the ROTC in general, I can only speak for the Navy and Marine Corps. Their advice was this:

If you have them, they must be above the short sleeve shirt. If you don't have them don't get them. They said they are getting strict with the tatoos. I have heard from several people that having a tatoo can limit what you do as an officer AND- this is a big one-the military could change their policy regarding tatoos at any time. I was told, or my son was told, by many highly enlisted--e8/e9 and officers, the tatoo thing was a very bad idea.

Something to think about-is it worth it?
Thank you for the reply. This has been an ongoing debate with my son.
Doing some internet research, I came up with this argument against the tattoo idea.
"During the interview and PFT process, your body markings or lack of are documented. This is how you are expected to report on first day.
Any changes after that are up to your NROTC commanding officer"

Hey, it worked for the present time! :wink:
Good points for an argument against sleeve tattoos. I will continue to stress the perception issue with any tattoos, shoulder, bicep, ect.
Hard to argue this one, with Grandpop having one since North Africa!