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    Curious what is taken into consideration for a candidate to be Scholastically (or is it academically qualified) Obviously GPA, RAnk ACT/SAT scores but what about EC/Volunteer/leadership? Also where do teacher recs fit into this picture? Are they used to establish 3Q? DS has a crusty AP Calc teacher and although he does well in his class and he know he "likes" him, it was like pulling teeth to get him to fill out the online rec. DS is worried he may have "bugged" him too much and he may just have filled it out quickly without much elaborating.

    Also, assume a candidate is 3q, what can the candidate add to improve their WPS and competitiveness? DS took ACT and improved Math score by 2 pts. Once submitted, would this improvement give him another look even though already 3Q? How about EC and getting a job? Is it worth emailing these updates to admissions if already 3Q?

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