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Discussion in 'Nominations' started by frenchfreyd, Apr 6, 2009.

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    At my school they require us to give teachers a guideline of what they need to write about. So I was wondering if anyone had any information on what they need to write.
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    For the AFA, you will never be able to see what is required of the teacher since it is all done on line. They are the only ones that can access it, or at least that was how it was 2 yrs ago. You submit their email address into your file and they log in directly with the AFA. I don't know about the other services, best of luck!
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    Since you posted this on the "Nomination" forum I am going to garner a guess and assume that you are referring to letters of recommendations to your US Congressmen.

    If so then look at their applications - they are sometimes available online and see if your MOC's have any specific guidelines.
    If not, then I sugges that you ask your teachers to write about what would make you a good candidate - how are you as a scholar/leader/athlete who is willing to serve as an Officer in the US Military?

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