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    I am a rising junior and I am working on getting my teacher recommendations ready to go. I have the recommendations for my math and emglish teachers but for my third teacher I have two options. I can either use my NJROTC instructor who is a retired Captain, or I could use my high school swimming coach who went to the Academy. My swim coach has mot actually had me in a class but I imagine that him being an alum would be a big plus. My rotc has had me in class all four year and I imagine that him being a retired Captain is also a pretty big deal. They both know me very well and I think they both would give me equally great recommendations. Which one of them should I have do my recommendation for the Naval Academy? My instructor is also going to do a recommendation for me for the NROTC scholarship. Thanks for any help!
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    First things first, you should apply for an NJROTC nomination. So your SNSI will be writing a letter of recommendation for you anyhow; it's part of the application for the JROTC nom.

    Second, only the Math and English teacher recommendations are necessary. Additional recommendations are only advisable if they add some aspect of yourself that was not otherwise expressed. So think, would your swim coach have something to say that your Math and English teachers can not? If yes, do it. If no, probably won't make a difference.
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    thanks for the info

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