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Discussion in 'Naval Academy - USNA' started by grizzly112, Feb 25, 2013.

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    I'm sorry if this is a repeated thread, but I'm very curious about USNA's policy on technology. What abouts cell phones, personal laptops, and other technology? I even hear of people having an X Box in their dorm??? How do the policies change as the cadet moves up in class? Thanks in advance!
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    I'll just tell you what I know and others can add on or correct it.

    Wireless internet is virtually nonexistent at the Naval Academy. All the midshipman rooms in Bancroft Hall (the dormitory) are hard-wired. You cannot use your own, personal computer from home on their network. You have to use THEIR, specially configured computers. You can have your own, personal computer, but you will not be able to hook it up to the school's network.

    You can have cellphones but Plebes, during Plebe Summer, will have virtually no access to them. They get their cellphones back when Plebe Summer ends.

    No Apple products are allowed on the academy's network. If you're an Apple guy, get used to being a PC guy.

    Plebes are often not allowed "media" access. Upperclassmen do.

    The academy has their own intra-net that streams live TV to midshipman's rooms. Plebes are generally not permitted to use this.

    I have heard of XBox in midshipman rooms but I do not know if that is specifically allowed. There is always a distinction between what is technically not allowed and what is actually not allowed. Midshipmen eventually learn which rules are real rules. (i.e. strictly enforced)
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    True, for now. However, they switched over a few months ago from a completely DoD-owned and operated secure internet connection to sharing bandwidth with the University of Maryland. There is still a dedicated DoD network for important things, but the average mid is now on the UMD operated network. Personal devices on the USNA network may be in the works.

    There are some Macs in the media lab in the library. I've never used them, though.

    This (VBrick) is gone due to budget concerns this year. There is cable in each company wardroom, however.

    4/C are actually authorized per MIDREGS to play video games on town liberty (Sat. 1200-2359). It makes no sense.

    I've seen XBOXs around in company wardrooms and ECA spaces, but I personally have not been inside an upperclass room long enough to spot game systems.

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