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    I have a few questions about Tennis at USMA.

    1. What are the opportunities at USMA for a tennis player? From the USMA website, it appears that the only opportunity for organized tennis is varsity tennis. Is that correct?

    2. For varsity tennis, how competitive is it to walk on the team?

    3. If you are a varsity tennis player, what is the impact of participation in that sport on academics? Do you have to practice day and night and thus get less time to study?

    4. If you are a varsity tennis player, does practice happen when everyone else is doing regular PT?

    5. If a candidate visits USMA for an overnight, who do you recommend that he or she should meet to discuss tennis opportunities at USMA?
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    Here are my opinions to your questions:
    1. You can play recreational and intramural tennis. There are indoor and outdoor courts. WP wants everyone to have a "lifetime sport." Tennis is considered one.
    2. Contact the coach via the tennis link on There is a recruiting questionnaire.
    3. Corps squad athletes practice during a daily time set aside for athletics. You will have less time to study on weekends when you travel and have matches.
    4. See above.
    5. Yes.
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    I sent your questions to the female tennis team captain and here is her response. :thumb:

    1. Yes, the only organized tennis offered at the academy is varsity tennis.

    2. Most walk ons do not make the team. All players come in with a junior national ranking (these rankings are not always very high on our teams, but the players come in with some national experience). The players are competitive in their sections for USTA.

    3. During the regular season, practice is three hours a day (including lifting and conditioning). There is more than enough time to finish homework as long as the cadet is managing their time well. Weekends are typically consumed with tennis which does take away some value time to get work done. Again, the key is good time management. Rarely do the players have issues getting their work done.

    4. Practice occurs during regular PT, so players are not expected to PT with the cadets who do not participate in varsity sports.

    5. I recommend filling out the recruiting questionnaire at the following site:

    I would also recommend emailing the coach before the visit.

    The women's coach is Paul Peck- <>

    The men's coach is Jim Poling- <>

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