Terrible CFA scores...


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Nov 1, 2018
I just did my CFA today and I think I did pretty terrible (female BTW)... Is there anyway I could still get in?
BB Throw; 30 feet
Flexed Arm Hang; 9 seconds (awful, I know)
Shuttle Run; 10.5 seconds
Sit Ups; 53
Push-Ups; 14
Mile Run; 8:44

I've only been training for like 10 days (I know, not a good plan), but I think I've made good progress especially considering I haven't done any sports since 9th grade (I'm a senior now...), and I did PE in 10th grade... I do live and work on a farm with cows though. I'm not sure if I can come back from these scores or if the academy just won't even consider me... Any thoughts?

Here’s the link to USAFA CFA goals. You’ll see that you’re not just below the goals, but significantly below the goals. I don’t know for sure, but I’m guessing that in the pass/fail world of CFA, this is a resounding F. But you probably already know that.

How serious are you about attending USAFA and becoming an active-duty officer? Because if you really only trained for 10 days, something’s not right. Was applying to USAFA a last-minute thing? We’re you not aware that CFA is a critical component? Add to this the lack of sports in high school and you’re fighting an uphill battle. Sports demonstrate fitness, but they’re even more valued for developing competitiveness, teamwork, leadership, perseverance and resilience.

If you’re truly serious about USAFA and the Air Force, then you should set your sights on applying next year. Use the time to do some very serious training, ideally with the help of others who’ll keep you motivated and focused. Best wishes to you.
From what I know, USAFA, depending on how competitive of a candidate you are, will ask you to do a retest if they think that otherwise, you are competitive to receive an appointment. I think you have to just keep training and wait until you hear from them. You can also send your scores directly to your admissions counselor, and they will tell you right away if you failed or not. That way, you can keep training up until your deadline, and then retest and send in your best scores.
@Bird35A When is your deadline? If you have time left, I would hold off submitting those scores, continue training, and retake it.
Please review HOW TO TRAIN for the CFA. It doesn't matter that you work your behind off on a farm with cows. If you do not train for the events of the CFA in specific order, timed, you are (as you've discovered) likely to fail in rather brilliant fashion.

Probably too late now, especially since you are not an athlete, and have not participated in sports for 3 years. If USAFA finds you an otherwise excellent candidate, they may offer you the prep school - a golden ticket not to be turned down without serious consideration. If not, I might suggest you get in a year at local U's ROTC unit, and really get yourself into good physical shape. And beginning MONTHS ahead, not just DAYS, practice for the CFA, in order of events, timed.

Good luck
Do your best with the time you have left to prepare if you really want this. I don’t know how USAFA works, so it’s up to you to figure out that timeline. But from one female SA applicant to another, you gotta do better than that if you want to go to an institution like USAFA and be respected by your peers and cadre. It’s on you to find that drive to improve. I hope you continue to work on your application if this is what you want. You can absolutely still pull through and get a good score, but you better get going. Good luck!