Test Scores

They accept any combination if either test. So if your math is better on SAT and English on ACT, they will look at those and vice versa.
Does the Naval Academy accept ACT score in place of SAT scores?

Does anyone know how they are treating the new SAT? Because on all of my senator nomination apps and some of the service academy apps they still have a section for your writing score. If I send my official scores through college board it works for the academies, but I'm not sure what to put in for the congressmen.
The USNA only cares about the Math/English sections. Your nomination sources may want to see the writing score (Writing was at one point optional). If you have a Writing score - fill it in. If you do not, make that known.

Don't be concerned about contacting your nomination source's POC for clarification. They are there to assist you and anyone that has worked in a Congressman or Senator's office is quite familiar with helping people complete bureaucratic forms. If you do call, suggest you thoroughly review their requirements in advance so you can get all your questions answered in one session.