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    I'm currently a high school senior in Illinois hoping to attend the Corps of Cadets at Texas A&M. I would love to hear from people who have attended or are currently attending, about the application process and the scholarship process. Also i'd love to hear about what life is like as a cadet at Texas A&M.

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    Go to TAMU.EDU and look at the admission tab. Admissions start early, and the earlier you apply the better. Try to do a Spend-The-Night Program if possible. The Corps is about 2,500 in a university of 40,000+ undergraduates and about 10,000 graduate students. Texas state law mandates admission of top 10% of Texas high school classes and with certain test scores and GPAs. Go to texags.com, go to forums, look a the Academics thread, and then go the admissions thread. Contact the Corps directly at www.corps.taum.edu. There are ways to contact staff and students there. Good luck. Also, sent you a PM.

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