Thank You RetNavyHM and DODMERB!


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Feb 25, 2008
I am writing to follow up on a matter I posted back in March and to personally thank RetNavyHM and DODMERB for their guidance, advice and personal interest in our case.

Our son received and accepted a USNA appointment back in December/January. However, in March we learned that he had a disqualifying medical condition (varicocele) that we mistakenly did not disclose on his original medical history form (there were no questions pertaining to it on the form and we never considered it an "illness" so did not disclose it as one on open-ended questions on the form).

Thankfully we learned of this website and turned to it for help. Luckily RetNavyHM responded to our post, gave us some great advice and led us to the good folks at DoDMERB. At RetNavyHM's suggestion we immediately disclosed our mistake to DoDMERB (honesty IS the BEST and ONLY policy). Although our son was then immediately issued a medical disqualification, DoDMERB and RetNavyHM worked closely with us to walk us through the waiver process. Within a month's time, DoDMERB requalified our son (based upon information from his physician) and the USNA gave him a medical waiver.

My advice? Be thorough and honest on your medical history form. Be prepared with thorough documentation for all medical conditions (even if you never considered such a condition an "illness" as we mistakenly did not). And if you discover you made a mistake, own up to it as soon as possible! But most importantly, be patient.

Though the medical qualification and waiver process can seem tedious and daunting, we found DodMERB to be responsive and helpful.

Thank you RetNavyHM and DoDMERB! Our son looks forward to reporting for his induction on July 2nd and to one day serving our country as a Navy or Marine Corps officer.

Respectfully submitted,
A Grateful USNA Parent (Class of 2012)
Congratulations to your son!! I'm happy I could provide some assistance.