The Chat Room


Jun 8, 2006
I apologize for the removal of the previous thread, but it appears that first it would be best to see who all is interested in having a chat night.

The chat is, of course, always available to our members. Further, we have added a new, more robust chat room accessible via the "Chat Room" link in the navigation bar, next to the "Log Out" link. As of right now, we plan to keep both FlashChat (the current chat system) and the new chat system. To clarify, the new chat room is only accessible via the "Chat Room" link next to the "Log Out" link, while the old chat system is available via the "Chat Room" forum link below the "Pictures" link or by clicking on the "Members Currently Using FlashChat".

The "Chat Room" linked chat is a more robust chat that can handle more members and should provide a better chatting experience. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments about the new chat system. I hope to soon switch to one or the other, but for now I'd like to test both systems to see which fits our needs best.

There has been some interest expressed to organize a chat night. I'd like to gather some ideas as to what our members think about that idea, and what sort of implementation they feel it should have. We have added the new Chat Room in order to be able to support such an event, and to provide a better chatting experience to our members on a day-to-day basis.

Thank you for your time.

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If I can, I would enjoy doing this, but you should know I do not attend one of the academies or in the military at all. Only a prospective 2015.