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Jan 25, 2008
I'm going to be a Junior and according to The Citadel website, applications for admission should be sent at the end of Junior year (getting somewhat close!). I was wondering if anyone has come accross an academic profile of The Citadel? I'm a 2 -year member of the Speech/Debate Team, member of Drama Club, Eagle Scout, and will be on the hs soccer team this year. My downfall cmes to academics as I have a 3.0 :thumbdown: but am taking a hard courseload which is much more intense than The Citadel's standards for admission. Do I stand any chance?
well start by getting those grades up a little, and if your doing ap or ib then it will offset that gpa. also start preparing for the sat and act, you have time, register for the october sat and the september act. and as for applying at the end of your junior year, you can, but your application won't be complete w/out your first quarter grades from 12th. the citadel will care more for a well-rounded student than a student w/ a 4.0 and who after school hibernates in their room.
Cool. I took AP History this year (test scores come out next month) and am taking AP Gov next year so I hope that will help.
Admissions Stats from the Princeton Review are:

Freshmen Academic Profile
SAT - Critical Reading Middle 50%: 490-590
SAT - Math Middle 50%: 510-610
TPR Projected Range SAT Writing: 540-650
ACT Composite Midldle 50%: 20-23
Average High School GPA: 3.24
Students in top 10% of HS class: 12%
Students in top 50% of HS class: 69%
this is completely subjective... but from the kids that I know who have been accepted to the citadel, some had really good grades/scores others were more avg students. I think the citadel is looking for candidates who will do well over those who are "great." that's not to say that everyone who goes to the citadel is a box of rocks, just that a lot of them had a "selling point", something they were strong at, if they were not a good-all-around candidate.