The Citadel Recognition Day - April 9, 2016

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    Recognition Day The Citadel Class of 2019
    Men and women who entered The Citadel as freshmen last fall are counting down the hours until their Fourth-Class status ends and they reaffirm their oath as members of the South Carolina Corps of Cadets on Recognition Day.

    Recognition Day 2016, will happen on April 9, 2016.

    Each year, hundreds of people line the streets to cheer for the freshmen as they march to the historic district of Charleston, dressed in their brilliant, white uniforms, to attend "The Oath Renewal on The Citadel Green," which marks the end of three weeks of transition training leading up to Recognition Day.

    The Citadel Green at Marion Square was the original parade ground for the college, when it was founded in 1842. The march follows three weeks of Transition to Recognition Training - during which the knobs as they are known at the college take classes examining student ethics and leadership skills and the honor code. They also undergo inspections and drills training and on Recognition Day a final round of physical endurance training. On Saturday at approximately 3 p.m., the marchers depart from The Citadel's main gate, down Moultrie St. and then turning right on King St. to Marion Square. The public is invited to cheer on the cadets along the route.
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    Citadel Bulldogs (past, parent and future): Tomorrow is a HUGE day for the class of 2019. Knobs, you did it--well, almost. Tomorrow morning will be a tough start to the day for you, but I guarantee when you are recognized you will never forget that feeling of accomplishment. You have grown a lot since August 2015.

    Many believe The Citadel fourth class system is the toughest fourth class system among the SAs and SMCs. As DS1 once told me when we were discussing Pat Conroy's description of the fourth class system in Lords of Discipline, "Mom, it's all true, except the murder." Ha.

    Tomorrow, after you retake the oath in Marion Square you will have some much-deserved r&r. Be smart. You have not endured the pain and suffering of The Citadel fourth class system to screw up on Saturday night.

    As a past Citadel parent I know your parents are extremely proud of you. YOU DID IT!
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