The Citadel Vision Standards

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    Hey guys,

    I've decided I'm going to the Citadel in August and I'm sending in my medical forms right now. My vision in both eyes is 20/25 uncorrected and I do not wear glasses. Is this going to be a problem?

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    No. And should not be a problem for medical exam for ROTC contracting either, although there may be particular requirements for aviation qualifications among the different service branches. You will need to keep a careful watch on your vision as you have 4 years of college ahead and vision changes during this time. I started out with 20/20 but by senior year had 20/75 uncorrected in left eye. Still passed Army medical. If aviation is in your plans, check as soon as you get on campus with your ROTC detachment. Good Luck - and start your PT regimen now to be prepared for the heat in August. Regards
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    at present the Air Force has relaxed vision standards for pilots (with same standards for CSO) - uncorrected distant vision no worse than 20/400 and uncorrected near vision 20/40 with both correctable to 20/20, no exceptions. The reality is that due to intense competition without a STEM major, some flight experience and near perfect vision you don't have much chance at a UPT slot as an ROTC graduate.

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