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A young lady I knew in the air force...really just a super neat person...was a violinist. She was also a pilot, eventually becoming an airline pilot. And she had one tune she played so was mesmerizing. Along the way she came down with breast cancer. And there began a VERY long, arduous battle, almost 15 years, which sadly she lost.

About two months prior to her passing, she put up a video on a private site her friends use. She said she didn't know how much longer she could do much of anything but...she knew folks loved her favorite piece so here was her farewell to all of us.

And she played.

I think Mairead Nesbitt plays it perhaps just a touch better...but whenever I hear this tune....I both get teary eyed and I smile and remember my friend.
I thought the punchline was going to be the Brit spelling of realize. Then I saw it!
Playing and dancing and not wearing Ghillies is an achievment in itself. Celtic Woman have some great albums, some of the best. Spent many a year attending a Feis with fiddle and bagpipe and tenors. My wife and I had the honor to meet and talk with the late Frank Patterson while just wandering around in the venue a couple of times. A wonderful man and a magnificent voice.
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They just need a Bohdran for backup not an orchestra. You Raise Me Up Is Great.
I was reading in another thread about the lack of P.E. class in school these days.

My single favorite day in P.E. class was by far the day that the teacher would haul out the parachute in the gym.
2nd favorite was the big cage ball. Bless you, Dr. Emmett Dunn Angell !

Those were the days.
Its been all downhill since they ban dodge ball.
I lived along the Canadian Border for 4 years while I was in college. This was pre-cable TV. I could only get Canadian stations during the day and barely get American stations at night if I played with the outdoor antenna. On Saturday afternoons I could only watch what amounted to "Curling for Dollars" on the nearby Canadian station. How the announcers brought drama to the game I cannot understand.
Late reply but you should see the drama brought to the National Bubble Hockey Championships. Craziest thing I've ever seen. I was mesmerized for the entirety.
On a serious note, one of our ‘00 sponsor family alumni called me at 0700 this morning to tell me his mother had passed away in her sleep at 0130. She was a strong woman, raised a boy who became a fine, principled, man, husband and father. I keep a stash of dog-eared quote clippings in my wallet, which I consult as inspiration for counseling sessions. We talked about her strength and quiet pride and love for him and his siblings, and how what he learned from her, in terms of values and strengths, he would impart to his own sins and daughters.

Here was a quote I sent him. A favorite of mine.

In my post above, “sons” not “sins.” 🙄