The National Society of High School Scholars and sea cadets

Discussion in 'Naval Academy - USNA' started by Jen4lyfe, Jun 30, 2013.

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    Got an invitation to become a member of the National Society of High School Scholars. It's supposed to have service projects and good leadership programs .I was wondering, If I do join ( I probably will) would that look well on my application? Also I happen to be moving to a city where there is a sea cadets division and I plan on joining but I wanted to know if the academy likes kids who did or does sea cadets .
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    I got the same invitation when I was a HS junior. In fact, about a quarter of my class did. I didn't see a point in joining, and neither did anyone else at my school (that I was aware of). It seemed like a scam to me so I trashed it. It reminded me of those "Youth Leadership Summit" or "National Youth Leadership" etc. camps that are held in DC every summer. Nothing but self-inflated prestige and a quick way to squeeze money out of college bound students. Perhaps someone else has a different experience, though...

    Sea Cadets... it would help your application, that's for sure, but it depends on how involved you get. If I remember correctly, 17% of 2016 was involved in JROTC, CAP, or Sea Cadets. Strive to obtain leadership positions because that's what admissions wants to see.
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    The high school scholars thing is probably not worth it. If I remember correctly, they usually squeeze a few thousand dollars for some tours of Washington or something.

    Sea Cadets is a good program. IMO more organized and better established than NJROTC.
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    Programs that I have found to be beneficial would include Boys/Girls State or Nation, Hugh O'Brien Youth, CAP, Sea Cadets, etc. The advantage to CAP and Sea Cadet programs is that they have links to the related services and participate in service-related training programs during the summer. They also provide opportunities to develop leadership traits in a structured environment that is meaningful if/when you get into the service academy.

    Like anything else, the program will be as good as the effort you put into it.
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    Programs you get invited to 'join' in some mass mailing that goes to a large number of your h.s. class (and have -0- selection criteria) counts toward nothing on your USNA application and should go in the trash. Genuine programs that have selection criteria (i.e. Boys/Girls State, National Honors Society...etc.) are valid programs that do count.

    Avoid the ones that sound impressive, but are really just money making opportunities for those who run them. ANYONE can visit USNA, you do NOT need to join some special program to be able to do that.

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