The Real Reason why people watch the Super Bowl


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Sep 14, 2008
Talk about your favorite commericals here :thumb:

My favorite so far is the doritos commerical :thumb:

The Diet Pepsi, Men an do anything was funny too :D
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Finally confirmed what the "G" is.

Even though everyone knew.
The potato head commercial for the tires was great! LOL
I appreciated the mean box of flowers that yelled out at the end "No one wants to see you naked!"
Overall the commericals werent as funny as they have been in past years o_O
I did love the careerbuilder one about hating your job. The only thing I would change is instead of punching small animals I feel the desire to punch my boss. :yllol:

I also like the one with the astronauts who get the tires stolen off their vehicle.
I liked the "drinkability" one with all the office workers sitting around a conference table discussing cost cutting. The one who suggested cutting out the beer was thrown out the window...:shake: