The Supe......

That's a great picture. It needs a caption, "wonder how close my helicopter pilot can get to these stairs".

The Corps of Cadets loves this Supe. He is great in that position. Outstanding role model and leader.
If the Cadets walk to class in the snow, he walks to work in the snow. True leader, and somebody I look up to.
Can confirm. Our son says Caslen may retire before he graduates and, if so, if will be a sad day.
For my DD's experience, I hope he stays until 2021. Unfortunately it doesn't sound likely. We have a good family friend (Major General) that sent an email to us after our DD received her appointment. Here is part of that email:

The officer that signed the appointment certificate is a General officer that I served with in Iraq. He was the Division Commander in the northern part of Iraq and I was the Commander in the south. I think he may be retiring later in 2017...
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Am cadet. Can confirm. We love the supe. He's a great leader and a truly humble individual. The corps has so much respect and admiration for this man. He even works out with us on Wednesday mornings. He truly embodies the leadership and the character that is required to lead a place like the United States Military Academy.
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Great guy and tremendous role model for current cadets. We attended a service at the the chapel during ADay weekend and he personally greeted all in attendance and had a word for each cadet. Our plebe was mighty were we.