The things I will miss


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Nov 25, 2007
I've been on my cutter for almost two years (just one more day until I hit two). As I've said in the past, it is transfer season. In less than a month, I will be off of this ship and on to my next job as a Public Affairs officer.

I have always enjoyed the water, but I've also always lived in a land locked state. A drive to the beach typically took 8 hours. Like at sea hasn't been easy, and I can list many things that would be more fun.

20 footers, heavy rolls, no hot water, the inability to get a shower for almost a week because the R/Os aren't producing water, late nights, counselling from my boss, being far away from my girlfriend without a phone, bad watch schedules, and crew members who aren't on their best behavior in port calls...

For the most part, I will not miss these, and many times these are just part of the facts of life when at sea. It hasn't always been this good, so, even when times are tough, it could be worse.

These things are minor compared to what I can take away from this tour.

I have been lucky enough to have a great wardroom. I will miss the constant jabs between JOs in the wardroom, the laughing, and the inside jokes, the serious discussions, and the bonding in that room. We've had some good times together, playing Texas Hold 'Em, and watching playoff NHL hockey, cooking dinner for the crew on a Saturday, or the wardroom outings in ports.

I will miss the thrill of a SAR case, hoping to be the person to save the life. I will miss the chance to assist in the repatriation of migrants, but will not miss the uprisings. I will miss the slow rocking as we pass through the jetties and hit the first set of rollers from the ocean. I will miss driving the ship by water spouts, coming to All Stop for breaching Humpback Whales, or watching the crew get excited while a large Whale Shark swims down the side of the ship. I will miss jumping from the helo nets of the flight deck into the water during a swim call in Florida waters. I will miss that first port call in Key West Florida, when all I'm looking for is a Coke in a glass bottle and the ability to walk down the street in the sun. I will miss those little birds that some how joined us in Maine, and have been traveling with us ever since, even walking into the pilot house. I will miss the late night talks on the bridge, and I will miss the little pranks. I will miss the thrill of driving close to a fishing boat. I will miss the sight of three ships with their spot lights on in the middle of a moonless night looking for someone in the water. I will miss movie night, and watching Seinfeld or Arrested Development with the wardroom at lunch and dinner. I will miss playing softball against the PSU in GTMO, or Sector in St. Pete or another ship in NH.

I will miss quite a bit when I leave here. There are some very good memories. Even in two years, I've been able to pick up some interesting sea stories that my friends and family will be able to hear for years to come.

While I will miss so much from a life at sea, I am looking forward to my new assignment, in which I will see more of the world that I could have hoped to in the Coast Guard.

While aviation is "sexy" and people want to be on the cutting edge of what's "new", looking at MSRTs, DOGs, and MSSTs, please don't forget about cutters, and the US Coast Guard cutter fleet. :thumb:
I think they should make it into an CG ad for TV :)

But Wow... Thank you for sharing some of the little things that make the Coast Guard different from many of the other service branches.

I always love reading something that I know comes from the heart.

Thanks and best of luck LineInTheSand! Hope your next job is as rewarding as this last one was!
A little over a year. We do just under two months out and just under two months in.
Nice job LITS...where are you going specifically? Portsmouth by any chance?
I am heading to Washington DC, to CG Public Affairs. I will be at CGHQ.

So, not Portsmouth, but I do have some friends headed that way.
OK that's what I son's friend is going PA in Portsmouth. My son is going to the DOG's...ha ha...for the summer anyway.:shake:
What rank/rate is your son's friend? PA is a pretty small community. You can shoot me his name if you're comfortable.

If he's in Portsmouth he could either be working for Area or District.