Mar 20, 2018
Just found out that my waiver was granted and that I am now medically qualified. This was the last thing that I needed to be "3Q". I admit that I was caught off guard when I saw the good news. Guess I had become used to opening the portal every week and seeing "Waiver requested". For any future candidates, my advice is to enjoy your last days in high school. Worrying only makes things worse and can affect you negatively in many aspects of your life. If you get a DQ, be as proactive as possible and do what YOU are capable of doing, because many things are out of your hand. This whole time that I was waiting, I thought of this as a challenge that needed to be embraced. In fact, many people could write one of those "describe a challenge you faced in high school and explain how you overcame it" essays based on the whole SA process. Lastly, always work on plan B and C. Even at this moment, I know that plan B and C still need to be on the table because nothing is certain until I am at USMA on R-day. For now, I can relax and focus on finishing this semester. Stay humble, hopeful, and do not do anything to jeopardize your candidacy!
Congratulations! GA5Fighter, Are you comfortable reporting what type of medical condition caused the DQ?
Congratulations! GA5Fighter, Are you comfortable reporting what type of medical condition caused the DQ?

Was DQ’d for history of FAI. In reality, my pediatrician jumped the gun. After visiting two separate orthopedists, they determined that I never had FAI and they could not see any signs of it through imagery. I wrote two personal statements and sent them in along with the reports from the ortho. Took about 3 months to hear from USMA.
My son got DQ for a Bunion which he self reported.No waiver has been raised by USAFA and he called and they asked him to wait and keep checking portal. He has not had any treatment or care except his PCP as asked him to wear a brace if it hurts. He used to a couple of years ago and wrote it in his statement and that it does not hurt him anymore. I could not find the list of waivers for Airforce anywhere . Just don’t know which direction he should go
As @GA5Fighter indicated, when waiting for a waiver always keep working on Plan B and maybe C. Nothing is a sure thing until you check in at R-Day, always have a contingency..:)