The young Mariners of Fort Schuyler.


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Feb 2, 2008
Great article in the New York Times: Check it out.
New York City is a college town. With no fewer than 137 institutions of higher learning, from community colleges to world-class private universities to specialized colleges like the John Jay College of Criminal Justice and the Juilliard School for music, there is a school for virtually every academic pursuit.

Even, it may come as a surprise, for future merchant mariners. Tucked away under the Throgs Neck Bridge in the Bronx is the often overlooked State University of New YorkMaritime College, which has become known for its strong engineering and marine transportation programs.

According to a new study, recent graduates of SUNY Maritime earn more than graduates of any other university in the United States. When surveyed the annual incomes of 1.4 million midcareer graduates with bachelor’s degrees, Maritime College ranked first, with an average income of $144,000, surpassing M.I.T., Harvey Mudd College and Princeton University.
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