Thinking of all the Plebes/Doolies/Swabs/Cadets today...


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Jun 9, 2006
Our dd survived I-Day yesterday--at least until the goodbyes... I'm thinking of a friend that is officially a Doolie now, too. Let's remember to pray for these kids this whole summer...
and for the next 4 years!

Prayers for all - for the next 4 is a long, long haul. We can't possibly imagine the journey they will go through.
An oath - Proud and Humbled

Watched my son swear in at AFA today in BDUs with his red a difference a day makes. How did they learn to march and salute so fast!? You could almost hear the prayers going up for the new Doolie men and women from the people surrounding me. The chapel was behind the parents and families and our new basic cadets in front of us facing us, the class crests of those that have gone before them and the chapel - I love the symbolism. These 17 -23 year olds swore an oath to become defenders of our country and our way of life, I was proud and humbled.
Good luck to all! I know what a proud day this was for you. Why don't we have a little smilie guy waving a flag??

Next to go in are CGA on Monday & USMMA on Thursday. Best wishes to all!
Our phone call from our Plebe was great yesterday--hope everyone else's summer is going well.
Hope this helps cope with some of the parents' "post-departure blues".

LOL And the fun continues. Perfect Aspen. I recall a little boy aged 5, who told me that he was going to run away. So I packed him some clothes & a p-nutbutter sammich in his Ninja Turtle lunch box & walked him to the door. You can well imagine how I played on it for about 30 minutes for kicks. "Where ya goin?'" & "What will you do if it rains?" He had an answer for all of it then said, "Maybe I should go after dinner tonight" . That little cartoon just brought that memory slamming back. He just said it all out of the blue. Wasn't even in trouble at the time. I recall going into the bedroom & shutting the door so I could laugh. Thanks for bringing all that back! LOL
Heaving a big sigh of relief for those USNA plebes after Hello Night. It's wonderful to have communication back again!
Heartcross, I keep meaning to ask you.... What happened to dd & why is she on crutches? How'd it happen & more importantly, is she ok?? Hated to here she had to sit some stuff out. Hope all heals well & she's bolting through the rest of the year. And a big Congrats too!
Sorry, haven't been on in awhile. We're still trying to finish haying and we went back to homeschooling with the little guys. Dd has a stress fracture. With all the marching for D&B, it is sore. I talked to her briefly after the game yesterday and suggested another trip to ortho. Nah, Mom, they'll just tell me I have a stress fracture...

I got a call today, from atop a gray Thoroughbred named Nellie, owned by her sponsor family. She's been dying to get on this horse; they have missed liberty for two weeks for D&B. So...the leg must be SOME better! Thanks for asking!