Thoughts for 2021


USAFA Grad '19
5-Year Member
Feb 15, 2014
With less than a week until I-Day, I wanted to share some thoughts to hopefully put your minds at ease a little.

First off, relax. Enjoy these days with your family/friends and don't stress too much about BCT or the Academy in general. I-Day will come at the same time whether you stress or not, so there is no point in adding additional stress to your life.

Second, know that your cadre/upperclassmen don't hate you, and aren't stressing you out just for fun. There is a purpose behind everything during BCT and the school year and the intention is to make you better and help you develop into a better cadet and officer candidate. Remember that every cadet you meet went through an I-Day of their own, and also made it through their 4-degree year (and of course, it was much more difficult back when they did it :) ).

Third, you will be ok. BCT is a scary thing for many, but there are so many safeguards in place to protect you. The Air Force is putting a large investment into you, and no one wants you to get hurt in any way. As I said in a previous post, I am working Emergency Medical for Second Beast, so I have somewhat of an inside perspective on this whole thing. Rest assured that if you need help, you will be cared for.

Get ready for an incredible journey. I am only through half of my time at USAFA and I've already had some great experiences and have learned a lot. Yes, it will be difficult, but know that you are not going through it alone.

Finally, the Academy is an incredible family. We look out for each other, and take care of each other. Shorlty, you will be a part of that.

Good luck, 2021!