thudgate: air force vs navy


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May 21, 2008
Folks. We have what is generally our biggest home game of the year this Saturday. Commander in chief trophy round #1. Air force vs navy. Its usually one of the closest hard fought games all year. Air force is on a roll and we owe navy an a$$ whooping. Thudgate will be in full force too. Hope to see you all there. Mile.
Well, that was funny (in a gruesome, wishful thinking sort of way!)!

I'm looking forward to making an appearance at Thudgate this year with DH. :) See y'all in a few days!
Service Academy Forums® has again arranged to provide food for the USAFA Thudgate tailgate, and we're excited to be able to support Thudgate for Air Force vs. Navy.

Feel free to stop by and meet some fellow forum members. We will have our banner up and we'll also have business cards available for you to take to share about the forum.

Thanks again to Christcorp for coordinating our involvement with Thudgate. We're very excited about being able to give back to our community.

Thank you for your time.

I have been wearing my AFA sweatshirt and ran into (not literally) a Navy mom at the post office today. We laughed "Way to represent" and stuff like that and the other people looked at us like we were crazy.

So, what's on the barbeque for this one? Shrimp?
Can't be in COS, but the local USAFA and USNA parents' clubs are meeting at a local watering hole to cheer their respective teams and share the unique challenges faced my their offspring. Go USA.
I think the game is NOT on TV here. This is beginning to annoy me.
SOOO disappointed....

No, not with the game; that was AWESOME!!

HUGELY disappointed that I arrived too late at Thudgate to see my Bro Mikey...and missed meeting Tyler...we'll have to do it another time!

But watching AF take down Navy...


Definitely missed you. We even stayed for a couple hours after the game to celebrate. We had about 250-300 at thudgate coming and going. It was excellent. A great memorial and toast for some fallen brothers. Maybe you'll make it up this way for one of the other games or just in the neighborhood. If you get up towards Cheyenne, you know where I'm at. You got a place to stay. Take care bro.
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Many thanks to TN and Service Academy Forums for the generous support given to Thudgate for both the Boise State and Navy games! We truly appreciate the partnership and hope it will continue in the future.

Best to all and.....


Mike Simler
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Unfortunately, the tail gate I was primarily with was halfway across the stadium. Along with the traffic nonsense that day, I didn't have a chance to make an appearance either. Next year!
Great time and Thanks!

Cris and I had a great time at our 6th Thudgate! Enjoyed seeing Mike and Holly, saying hi again to Thudgatedriverson, drinking a little and eating a lot. This was our first experience of the Air Force family when our son was a C4C at our first Parents Weekend, and the feelings are the same or stronger today. Thanks to everyone's hard work for putting on a great event. (PS. Looking forward to using my Thudgate coin at the coin toss of Vintage v Wood high school football game this Friday!)