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Jul 10, 2007
I'm sure this has been asked before, but what is the time it takes for the exams to be reviewed? Concorde recieved my medical and optical exams over a week ago, however my Dodmerb site says they haven't recieved my exam. When they recieve it will they say pending review or will they not post anything until a decision about my status has been made? When should I expect to see something from dodmerb?

Any help is appreciated, thanks for reading. :smile:
Concorde has 30 days to get the physical examination (the physical includes the statement of present health, the physical examination form, and the eye exam) to DoDMERB. Once DoDMERB receives the information it can take up to 15 days (maybe a touch longer during the busy, busy season) for the reviewer, and possibly the physician, to review the physical examination and get a letter sent out.

The DoDMERB web site is updated every 10 minutes, so once the physical examination arrives you can "watch" it go through the DoDMERB process.
I saw this on concorde:
Date of Submitted to DODMERB - Case Closed: 8/6/2007

Does this mean its all up to Dodmerb now?

Also am I going to see a notification that dodmerb recieved the exam or is my applicant site gonna leave me in the dark until a qualifaction status has been decided?

Thank you RetNavyHM for dealing with my probably previously answered questions.
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On the DODMETS web site your case is closed, and that status will not change.

On the DoDMERB web site (https://dodmerb.tricare.osd.mil) once DoDMERB starts to process the information you will see your status change, and you can pretty much watch it in real time as it goes through the process (the web site updates every 10 minutes).