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Discussion in 'Naval Academy - USNA' started by d.mcknight, Feb 22, 2012.

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    Does it ever happen that the BGO might here about an appointment before the candidate? My understanding was that they are usually the last people to hear. However I received an e-mail from my BGO last night that didn't say I'd received an appointment, but the way he worded the e-mail made it sound like he had some information I didn't have. If it makes any difference, he is working closely with the area coordinator for my application this time around since I'm a college applicant.
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    My BGO knew about my appointment when I emailed him a few days before I got it in the mail. He didn't say anything to me about it in order to keep it a surprise.
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    As a GENERAL rule, the BGO is the last to know. Typically, when the decision is made to offer you an appointment, USNA first contacts your MOC and gives him/her a week to call and congratulate you. Some do it; some don't.

    After that week, they mail your BFE. Usually, a week after that (and by now you've received the BFE), they change your status in BGIS (our system). There may be some situations where a BGO learns earlier -- for example, if he/she happens to call CGO about you during that interim time period b/t decision and your receiving the letter.

    But, most of the time, we really don't know before you do, so please don't stalk your BGO! You're better off stalking the mailman.:smile:
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    My BGO knew!!! He said, I hope you'll hear back from the Academy soon..whenever I emailed him. Then surprise surprise i open the mail. a letter from the dept of the navy. an Loa. I was so shocked! I dropped everything and dialed almost every number in my phonebook!

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