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Discussion in 'DoDMERB' started by ArmyBulldog42, Sep 27, 2011.

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    Dear Mr.Mullen,

    I have completed my first DODMERB exam on July 21,2011. When I originality took the hearing test I was told I passed the hearing test. I did take the hearing test with Tinnitus (ringing in the ears). I felt that I did not need to put Tinnitus on my DD2351 form because it does not effect my everyday life. On August 15th I was told my hearing results did not fit the standard. I took my remedial exam and actually did alittle worse the second time I told the nurse I had Tinnitus she was completely understanding. While still in the office I called DODMERB and told me I had Tinnitus. The individual at DODMERB noted the conversation about Tinnitus. After my conversation with DODMERB the nurse told me that "tinnitus makes a audio gram difficult however it does not effect job performance". Later on that month DODMERB disqualified me for my hearing test results however the next day I called DODMERB and they said I am still under review. I have been in contact with the same person at DODMERB throughout this process she told me to send a personal letter to the waiver authorities. I went above and beyond that by sending the waiver authorities not only a personal letter but as well as a doctor letter stating this does not effect my job performance. I sent those letters into the waiver authorities the last week of August. I sent them via Fax and via US Mail. I gave it about 1 week to get to Colorado. I called DODMERB to see if they received those letters and they said yes. DODMERB actually recivied 3 copies of each. I was told i would know about my waiver in 3-4 weeks on average. It's been 5 weeks now and have got nothing from DODMERB. I have done everything ROTC and DODMERB has told me to do. I am just hoping they would give me a waiver for this. I also have had this condition throughout my 1st year in ROTC as a noncontracted cadet and have experienced no difficulty hearing anyone and as my 2nd year is starting as a noncontracted cadet I have experienced no problems with hearing. I just finished my 1st APFT of this fall and scored a 265. I have been told by some people in my battalion that a waiver is for serious medial conditions and that my medical condition does not fall under serious therefore I should get a waiver. Anything else i can do? Thank you sir!

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    Mr Mullen isn't on the forum anymore and no one here can answer your question. Here are Mr. Mullen instructions from his last post:

    Folks wanting accurate and official replies may:

    call 1-800-841-2706 from 7AM-4 PM, Mountain Time, Mon - Fri
    ---OR ---
    you may email "helpdesk@dodmerb.tma.osd.mil" and receive responses during the same hours.

    The DoDMERB staff is dedicated to making the DoDMERB process as seamless, frictionless, and hassle free as possible.

    I hope you can work through your waiver issue!
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    FWIW, Tinnitus at this young of an age is a big deal. Bullet has tinnitus, which he got from yrs of flying jets. The military had declared this as a disability when he retired. As I am sure you know there is no cure currently and no medication that has been seen as a way to stop it, i.e. like taking allergy shots for hayfever.

    You right now do not work around heavy machinery, but you will when you go AD for any branch, which will exasperate the issue. Tanks and heavy armor is not silent. Even with proper ear protection, many people like my DH walk into the service with perfect hearing and walk out 20 yrs later with issues. You are asking them to allow you to walk in with a hearing deficiency. Remember the military declares this a disability...in other words they are telling Bullet that they take responsibility for damaging his hearing since it was work related.

    That being said, DodMERB does not grant waivers. It only Q's/DQ's the candidate. The branch you are in will be responsible for determining if they will issue a waiver. What is not waiverable in one branch may indeed be waived in a different branch, for you it will be the Army that has the final say.

    OBTW, unless your doc is a DoDMERB doc it has little impact because the military has their own set of guidelines that they will implement when medically evaluating you. This is also why they send you to their docs, not necessarily your own hometown doc.

    Finally, 5 weeks isn't horrific, yes it is to you, but there are many that have to wait months for an answer. Stay on top of it, but don't panic just yet. Good luck.

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